on beingbeginner

The idea for this blog began on November 18, 2012.  This is the day I signed on to WordPress.com and created a blog entitled, beingbeginner.  It is now August 1, 2013 and I am ready to begin this journey and exploration about being a beginner.

I am currently getting my masters degree in Transformational Leadership and Social Change from the Maryland University of Integrative Health (formerly Tai Sophia).  The work at times has pushed me to my very limits and the growing pains have at times been very painful. And yet I realize that the more I am open, the more I am vulnerable, the more I accept my humanness….the more I learn, grow and expand as a person.

I can assure you that I have been a beginner the whole time!  So what kept me from writing about my journey until now?  One word…..VULNERABILITY!  During these last nine months, I have been learning that being vulnerable is a necessary and wonderful part of life. And although it can be accompanied by so many emotions, as well as fear…the best things in life come out of being vulnerable.

This is my first step in cultivating my vulnerability; sharing my journey with my family, friends and possibly others.  And I am excited to see what emerges. This chronicle of my explorations in being a beginner coincides with my work at graduate school on my final Project of Excellence (POE).  I am a beginner on many fronts right now and I have decided to embrace it all.

So what is a beginner?  I say, it is being in the initial stages of being, doing, learning, etc. It is a word used to replace so many negative words; not good at, don’t know how to, can’t, etc. And the most liberating part of it is you can be a beginner for as long as it takes. It is an organic process and it looks different for each person. I can be a beginner at playing a sport, learning an instrument, cultivating humility, or being VULNERABLE!  Being a beginner is different for each person and I believe what it allows for is a kinder, gentler approach to growth, learning and life. It also removes the “speed” factor from the journey. You/I no longer have to be good at something in a certain amount of time. Something I know I struggle with and I think is very much a part of Western culture. I want to be good at it yesterday and on the first try!  Each person can then take the time to appreciate their evolution from being a beginner at (fill in the blank) to being practiced at (fill in the blank).

This is a first for me, sharing my dream with others, while not knowing exactly what the finished product will look like. It feels exciting and scary all at the same time. And yet, I now know (through much learning and growth) that any truly successful endeavor happens with support from others and collaboration. So I am inviting you in…to be my supporters, collaborators, advisors, critics and any other role you may find that fits.

I will be exploring many different topics, practices and ideas. And I will be documenting the personal work I am doing to move from beginner to more practiced (knowledgeable, experienced) in certain areas of my life.

You are invited to join me as I learn and grow. I do not know what the finished product will be yet, but I know it will result in a Project of Excellence (POE) for my graduate school work and eventually a career change (more to come on the career change).

The journey to this point today has been years in the making and my intention is to continue journeying for all of my days. Thank you for accompanying me on my journey!


One response to “on beingbeginner

  1. Beginner mind is a wonderful way of approaching each moment. Each present moment is an opportunity to be open, to begin, to see the vastness, the potential. This doesn’t dwell in the conceptual mind. It is beyond that contracted place. It is liberated. Perhaps we could say it is the only reality. Only when we elaborate on that reality, conceptualizing what IS, do we begin to contract that openness to something less open. So beginner mind is free from that constant judging and labeling of what simply IS. If we train to have that beginner mind and become intimately familiar with it, suffering can subside. We may still have pain because that is part of this life, but perhaps the suffering can cease.

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