flowers, flowers, flowers

Last summer I did the centerpieces and bridal bouquet for a dear friend’s wedding. It was my first time undertaking such an endeavor. It all started with doing some initial floral designs in different vases. This gave me the opportunity to design the arrangements and gave the bride a chance to get a visual image of what the actual wedding day flowers would look like.

The day before the wedding, I spent several hours arranging eighteen vases of flowers for the guest tables, high boys and food tables.  It is important for me to mention my Aunt Meher in this part of the post. Aunt Meher used to take me with her to Boyd’s flower shop in Wilmington, DE to pick out flowers with her for different events. She would arrange flowers for parties and weddings within her circle of family and friends. Aunt Meher taught me the basics of flower arranging, teaching me to cut the flowers properly, open the blooms and place the flowers properly for each type of vase. I loved those times spent with her.

On the day of the wedding I went to the venue to check on the flowers, check to make sure the blooms were properly opening and to add or change out any flowers as needed. Later on that evening I got to see the flowers with the candlelight and linens. I was really pleased with how everything turned out.  I would like to give a photo credit to Kurt Gottshall of phase 7 studio ( did the professional photography for the wedding. A couple of the photos below are his beautiful work.

I also created the bridal bouquet. This was my first time doing a bouquet of flowers like this. It was truly a labor of love. And it took me several tries to get the shape correct and to find the right balance of roses, baby’s breath and salt grass. My favorite part was wrapping the stems with white ribbons and adding the pearl accents. The final addition was note from me to the bride, wishing her love on her wedding day.


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