Reduce, Reuse, Reupholster

I want a new sofa. I want a new dining table. I want new curtains. I want new rugs. I want, I want, I want.  The million dollar question…Do I need?

New shoes, new bag, no problem. Or is it?

Lately I have been observing my personal consumption regarding money, food, clothing, furniture, packaging…well, everything.  In some areas I am able to take an active role in reducing my consumption. I am starting to experiment with reusing things instead of buying new.  Looking through my closets and wardrobe before purchasing new pieces, this season alone I discovered that I already own the “it” color and style purse. And I already have a blouse that follows the black and white color-blocking trend. I was originally looking online, researching potential purchases and now I have stopped. Money saved and less consumption; less fuel used on shipping, less packaging used in shipping and I am appreciating being content with what I already have.

During the month of August I began to focus on the decor in my home. I owned curtains that I hated, I did not like the furniture layout in my living room or dining room.  At first I was convinced that I needed a new dining table and sofa to make things work. Then I tried turning my dining table in a different direction and it made a huge difference. I also moved a smaller side table out of the dining room, opening up more space. In the living room I moved my sofas around, changed the location of an end table and decided I wanted a second ottoman, instead of buying a new sofa.  Last year I reupholstered an ottoman I  owned, updating it with new fabric, painting the wood black instead of brown and ultimately saving a lot of money. I enjoy reupholstering/redesigning furniture, so my time spent being creative is an added bonus. I decided to reupholster a second ottoman last weekend and now I have two. I also bought trays to place on top of the ottomans and now they serve a dual purpose; both ottoman and coffee table.

After considering multiple pieces of new furniture, instead I ended up purchasing new curtains for the living room and dining room. The curtains have made a tremendous difference and were a fraction of the cost of a new sofa or dining set. The ottoman got a second life with a bit of paint and new fabric. And I am feeling much more comfortable and at ease in home.


One response to “Reduce, Reuse, Reupholster

  1. Friday I delivered two mid-century daybeds to my cousin for re-upholstery. We rescued the pieces from a friend’s carport where the dog was sleeping on them. Soon they’ll be the zen seating in Annelies’ yoga room, covered in a surprisingly wonderful upholstery fabric: bleached painter’s drop cloth. New foam, re-imagined fabric, recycled frames. Reinvented and repurposed suits my life just fine – it’s stylish, and intentional, and it carries a great story. A bit like me, minus the stylish part….

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