When Fashion Transforms: Crafting a Thesis Part 2

Sometimes, all you have to do is try something on to realize it is right for you.  That moment when you put on a piece of clothing, a pair of shoes or an accessory and it feels like it was made for you; it represents your personal style, it fits well and in it you feel authentic, you feel like your best you, and ready to face the world. And when you look in the mirror, you see and experience yourself at your very best.  You are transformed. What is happening in that moment? Words that come to mind; authenticity, transformation, alignment, inspiration and self-expression.

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.   -Rachel Zoe

I will be partnering with friends, family, classmates, acquaintances and possibly total strangers to explore the answer to this question.  I will be asking them to recount the moments when they wore something that made them feel truly authentic. When they wore something that made them feel great. When they found that outfit or accessory that screamed out you and I belong together….you must wear me.  I will be documenting the actual items and moments in time. I will capture photos and stories that recount these amazing moments where ones internal being and external appearance align and all is good in the world.  Is it a piece of jewelry that holds a sentimental place in your heart and connects you with a loved one? Is it a coat that pulls every outfit together and makes you feel like a million bucks? Is it a pair of amazing shoes that when place on your feet you are transformed into a powerhouse, ready to face anything?

What piece of clothing, accessory, pair of shoes or other wardrobe item inspires you to feel you to feel your very best? How do you experience that moment? What shows up in your body? What are you thinking? How are you feeling? What does the item represent for you? What does the item mean to you?

The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.  -Coco Chanel


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