Self-Expression Through Clothing & Accessories

I asked the question…

What piece of clothing, accessory, pair of shoes or other wardrobe item inspires you to feel your very best?

And here are a sampling of the answers I received…

Today I wore my long Marketplace India coat (over black jeans and a black sweater)–it’s one of those pieces.  (J.E.S.)


I love how you describe that ah ha moment when we put on a new outfit and feel like a million bucks!  It is transformative!  Unfortunately, I feel pretty sure that the majority of women do not get this experience very often.
I have always hated to shop.  Except for my home.  I did have a small window in my late teens and early to mid 20’s where I was working. It was an exciting time in fashion.  The 60’s to early 70’s.  I bought Betsey Johnson which in those days was affordable.  I even had a beautiful pair of tall, lace up boots that cost almost $100 which was totally over the top in those days.  I was in Philadelphia at the time. Those boots made me feel alive!  I also had a purple mini-jumpsuit.  It was velvet, sleeveless with a turtleneck collar.  I wore it with some of my Mother’s rather gaudy costume jewelry in green and gold.  A huge pin and earrings.  Clip on of course. My parents were horrified (it was actually very modest by today’s standards) but I felt great! The other all time favorite formal outfit was a 2 piece full length jumpsuit I purchased in DC.  I was working at Woodward and Lothrop at the time.  Black.  Sleeveless and one shouldered.  With a to the hips square, long sleeved jacket. I wore it to a university “prom” and I was the only one in a non ball gown.  It was all about how I felt.  The response to it was a bit overwhelming.  You may know when you are looking good, but are you prepared to take the risks and make the statements and deal with a range of possible responses?  Another aspect of the process. (K. H. Matassa)
My yellow summer sandals. I have had them for five seasons now. Whenever I wear them I feel so bright and alive. I love the sound that the wooden heals make when they meet the pavement.  I decided to document these lovely sandals in contrast to the current fall season. Bright yellow open-toed sandals against dried leaves.  (A. Loder)

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