Fashion Industry vs. Individual Style

Fashion is about the industry, but style is about the individual. It’s the blend of fashion and self-esteem. -Stacy London

The television show, What Not to Wear  documents the transformative power of fashion. Women come on the show with set ways of dressing that often misrepresent what they want for themselves, how they feel on the inside and how they want to be seen by others.  Words like stuck, discouraged, unsure and confused are used in almost every episode, as the guests express how they are feeling.

As part of the process, each participant gets rid of her existing wardrobe, releasing all attachments to her stuff (the the physical clothing and emotional baggage).

Throughout the show, Stacy London and her co-host Clinton Kelly educate their guest on the elements of fashion; silhouette, color, appropriate attire for different situations.  The women begin to understand how  to identify what they like when they walk into a store and how to create an outfit.  The transformation that takes place is quite remarkable.  Many of the participants cry during the process as they let go of their old ways of being, release their old ways of seeing themselves and welcome in change. A new hairstyle and learning how to apply makeup are also part of the lessons learned by each participant.

Stacy London, recently released  a book on her experiences in the world of fashion. She spent years working for major fashion publications and free-lancing as a stylist before being cast for What Not to Wear. Now that What Not to Wear is in its tenth and final season, Stacy will move on to other endeavors. She already has a company called Style for Hire


Check out Stacy’s interview on BuzzFeed here.


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