How Do They Make you Feel?





Jacque told me that she had purchased two new items for her wardrobe and I asked, How do they make you feel? My friend Jacque was kind enough to allow me to share her responses.

A big thank you to Jacque for sharing her thoughts with me! The the below coat and boots are two items she purchased for the 2013 fall/winter season. The excitement in Jacque’s voice and smile on her face as she told me about her boots and coat let me know that she had one of those magical “ah ha” style moments. You look in the mirror and say Yup, this is totally me!  Style can be soooo transformative!

In Jacque’s words and images…

black coat brown leather trim (2) moccasins (2)

Coat: I felt “edgy euro” – Sexy meets creative. It reminds me of Europe – a busy city street in Milan or Barcelona.

Boots: I felt “earthy” – cute in a natural or ancient way. This brown is one of my favorite colors because it reminds me of clay.
Reflecting on this, I realize these two pieces represent two of my three favorite styles in clothing:

  1. Earthy
  2. Edgy Euro (this is why Zara is one of my favorite stores; the best Zara I’ve been to was in Milan.  Interestingly, Zara also started in Spain)
  3. Scandinavian (to me this means: clean lines, well-constructed clothing, or warm, thick sweaters. Here is an image that represents this).

Learn more about Jacque:

Fashions fade, style is eternal. – Yves Saint Laurent


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