For Greg, It’s Green Suede Shoes

Yesterday, my friend Greg posted a picture of his new green suede shoes on Facebook.  The picture immediately caught my eye as I scrolled through my news feed.  I “liked” the picture and then kept scrolling.  And then I had a “beingbeginner” moment…I paused and realized I had a question for Greg; a question that I had initially forgotten to ask. I have been asking this question of friends, family and acquaintances as of late.

When people show me or tell me about clothing and accessories they like, I ask How (does it/do they) make you feel? I scrolled back up the page and posted my question for Greg and this is the conversation that showed up.

Amy: How do these make you feel? In body and mind?

Greg: Great question! Whimsical. Laughing. Playful and provocative with regard to conservative style.

Amy:  Can I re-post on my blog? I haven’t had a chance to share the male perspective yet. What brand are they? I want to give credit where it is due .

Greg: Yes you may, and they’re Hush Puppies (though I must confess I got them at Ross, and for their flair rather than their label).

Amy: Thanks! It doesn’t have to be about the brand, although sometimes it is for me  I sometimes refer to myself as a brand whore, lol. Ultimately, I am really about what makes you feel authentic and what shows up.

Greg’s Facebook photo caption: It’s True: I dig shoes

GregWhitt_green sued shoes

Photo credit: Greg Whitt

You can learn more about Greg Whitt and the amazing work he does as a drum facilitator here:

Thank you Greg!!



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