“These are my happy feet…..”

As I explore the ways in which people express their authentic selves through style; I am collecting anecdotes, interviews and quotes and sharing them here.  This is part of my independent study work for graduate school. What I share will evolve as I learn and grow in this process.

“… I packed up the clothes and thought about how something so seemingly simple as a “trendy” accessory had empowered this woman. Suddenly, I realized that it was not the handbag or even the notion of being fashion-forward that had triggered her show of self-confidence…this woman had found herself and her Authentic Style. ”

~Evana Maggiore

On Monday I saw my friend Joyce. She is now retired and I have observed her enjoying the now available time she has to enjoy her grandchildren, her husband and being of service to others. And she no longer has to meet the dress code of her former career-life. Joyce was wearing these fabulously colorful New Balance shoes. I could not resist snapping some photos of her happy feet.

This is what Joyce shared about her shoes…

“These are my happy feet. I went into the store to buy sandals. I saw these and I bought them because they made me happy.”

~Joyce Z.

To check out the New Balance Tie Dye sneaks: http://www.newbalance.com/Womens-Tie-Dye-890V3/W890-TD,default,pd.html?gclid=CKHvhdzsrrsCFQrxOgodxF8AsQ&dwvar_W890-TD_color=Blue_with_Yellow_and_Red&ECID=ps_pla_pla_pr_269508&ef_id=UZ4XpwAAAQOERyuL:20131214041303:s


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