About Amy

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// amy r. loder

I am currently getting my masters degree in Transformative Leadership and Social Change (TLSC) from the Maryland University of Integrative Health (formerly Tai Sophia).  The work at times has pushed me to my very limits and the growing pains have at times been very painful. And yet I realize that the more I am open, the more I am vulnerable, the more I accept my humanness….the more I learn, grow and expand as a person.

My undergraduate degree is from The Fashion Institute of Technology in International Trade and Marketing, with a minor in merchandising and management. I worked in the fashion industry for three years before doing an AmeriCorps term of service, working for a non-profit and now handling business development/sales for a technology manufacturer.

This blog is a chronicle of my journey as a beginner in life. I have an idea of what a beginner is (see my first post) and I think my definition will grow and change over time. I will learn as I go, explore a lot of topics and find my path. I believe as humans we are all doing this on some level and it is part of our shared human experience. I invite you along with me on my journey.


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